What Customers Say

“We love our Maui by Design Christmas ball. It looks great on our tree.”
– C.G

“It’s beautiful. I love it”
– C.N

“Love our new ornament. It is a memory of our vacation to Maui this summer.”

“It looks fantastic. It exceeded my expectations. Thank you very much”
– D.F

“I did receive my ornaments very promptly. I bought them as Christmas gifts but it will be very hard to part with them. They are all so beautiful.”
– D.K

“The ornament we purchased on our trip to Hawaii was broken by our family kitten this year so to help keep the memories alive, I received this one. I would have rather had another trip to Hawaii to get a new one but I love this!”
– M.R

“I love your ornaments. I bought the 3 ornaments for my son and his girlfriend for their first tree together. They were in Maui last year visiting my sister who lives in Kula. “
– N.B

“ Thanks for packing them so well and sending them so quickly. You really made my day!”
– M.A.

“We love your island and have bought the ornaments for our children and grandchildren, who are learning to love the islands as much as we do. Someday, we hope to be able to bring them with us. Until we return.”
– Lorie

“Dear Maui by Design, all the ornaments that I ordered arrived safely and quickly. I had to smile when I saw the Santa ornament. I ordered one for myself as well as several family members. Many years ago, when we were children, my mother went to Hawaii with my grandparents and returned with Alfred Apaka records singing “Mele Kalikimaka”. That became one of our family holiday songs. I know my family will think of that immediately when they see your ornament. Actually, my husband and I were recently on Kauai to celebrate our 25th anniversary, and another of your ornaments that I ordered will be a terrific reminder of that celebration. Thank you.”
– Lynn

“Thank you so much for the beautiful ornaments. They more than exceeded my expectations and it arrived in plenty of time for Christmas..”
– Dee W.

“ My oldest got married in August and she and our new son-in-law spent their honeymoon in Hawaii so I was happy to find your ornament to give to her.”
– Betsy G.

“Happy Holidays! The ornaments and votives are hugeh it with our family. Thanks to Kyle for going out of your way to make sure that the gifts arrived in NY for plenty of time before Christmas. The gift boxes were beautiful and eliminated the necessity to wrap. I would definitely recommend your site and products.”
– Mary A.

“Everything was great, thanks! It was a perfect replacement for the one that we bought on our honeymoon in 2003 that was accidentally broken by our 3 year old. Thanks for everything!”
– Nathan

“The ornaments were perfect and are Christmas gifts for our families, as we just came back from our honeymoon in Maui. The “Just Mauied” ornament will remind us of that great week in paradise ”
– “Stephanie R.

“I absolutely love the ornament. I’m actually sending it as a gift to my friend who lives in Maui. His sister loved it and asked me where I found it. Hopefully you’ll be getting some additional new orders now that you have been “found” by this family.”
– Kyle P.

“Beautiful…thanks very much… we visited Hawaii this summer and I FORGOT to buy ornaments from my granddaughters. Thanks for helping me out. The ornament box is also very elegant.”
– Saundra D.

“I am very pleased with the ornaments. They are beautiful. My daughter was married on the beach of Kauai in September. I ordered an ornament for each of my children to commemorate the wonderful family time we have there celebrating her marriage and our vacation.”
– Charlene

“I love my ornaments that I got from you guys. I used one of them in an ornament exchange. The ladies were fighting over it. “
– Gina S.

“Every year (for 13 years now), my husband and I buy 1 ornament that represents the year. We have the bride and groom as our 1st ornament, a baby carriage for when we were expecting our first child, a house for the year we bought our hone and so on. At Christmas, after the lights are on the tree, we hand all of the family ornaments 1 by 1 in the correct order – remembering why we selected that particular one and how it represented the year for us. In 2004, my dad and mom took us to Hawaii on a big family trip. My 2 other siblings, their spouses and children (20 travelers in all) took a wonderful trip together – the memories are so special especially now that dad is in heaven. Of course that year, we bought a Hawaii glass ornament to add to our collection, but then last year at Christmas, it fell off the tree and broke. I was so sad and I knew I would not be able to travel to Hawaii to get a new one so I did the next best thing…went on the internet. During my search, I came across your ornament and found the ornament. It may not be an exact copy, but it is close to do the trick. So, thank you for restoring my collection of ornaments – our family tradition will continue.”
– Erica Z.

“My 90 year old mother, who had lived with us for the last 10 years, died this past May. We are using the ornaments to give to our 5 children on Christmas eve – when she would have given them her presents – to surprise them with a trip to Hawaii the day after Christmas. It will be her last gift to them. (She surprised me with a trip to Hawaii when I was in high school.) I look forward to seeing the looks on their faces as they open the ornaments and process their meaning……”
– Patty W.

“Every year I give my friend a Hawaiian Christmas ornament to brighten up her tree. Each year it becomes more and more difficult to find just the right one. Maui by Design has so many wonderful choices its hard to make a decision. They are well made and so beautiful. I ordered it in the hopes to give it to her by Thanksgiving so that she had it when she trimmed her tree and it arrived so much faster that I even expected. I was very happy with the whole experience from selection to delivery.”
– A.T.

“We had actually gotten the same ornament as a gift from parents that recently visited your store, and then a repairman knocked over our Christmas tree and it broke. As it was so special to us, I was so happy to find your website on the box the ornament came in so I could replace it immediately. Thank you for making such beautiful items and for the quick shopping time.”
– Gina C.

“I gave my husband and my boss one of your beautiful tree ornaments for Christmas and they were delighted.”
– Amber C.

“In April 2005, my husband and I visited Maui from our hometown: Chicago. We were newlyweds and pregnant with our first son. So, I guess you could call the trip our “babymoon”. While in Maui, we purchased one of your ornaments. Each year, we take the ornament out of the beautiful box and tell our kids (3 boys and a new baby girl) the story about how we went to Hawaii before any of you were born. The kids love the box and the story. WELL…. 2 weeks ago when I was taking down then Christmas tree, I dropped our Maui by Design ornament! I was sobbing – truly sobbing – because I can’t imagine a time when we will ever have the money, the time, or the energy to visit Hawaii again. I took the bits of glass and googled the name “Maui by Design”. The ornament that I ordered is very close, if not identical, to the one I broke. I was so excited and happy…and now our ornament has another story (about mom being clutzy!) Thanks so much and good luck to you and your company. They are beautiful ornaments.”
– Heather H.

“Our ornament arrived exactly as expected and on time. Every Christmas our family will be reminded of our first trip to Kauai. (I saw a similar ornament in the airport there but didn’t want to wait in line to buy it or try to fit it in my carry-on bag, so while in the store, I checked your site on my phone and was thrilled to find that I could order it directly from the terminal.)”
– Lynn H.

“Un grand MERCI. A HUGE THANKS! I received my order, very satisfied, such beautiful Hawaiian ornaments from Maui by Design. I discovered this ornament at a friend’s place in New Caledonia. A friend of her did buy few of them in your beautiful country.”
– Jocelyne U.

“I am very pleased with the ornament as it is great memory of our recent trip to Maui. The ornament has all of my favorite memories from our trip: from watching the sunset every evening, swimming with the honus, and seeing a rainbow almost every day. It really captures the best moments of not only our vacation but also of Maui and that is why I am so impressed with it.
A little back story as to why I choose the ornament. Ever since I was born, my mother has gotten me an ornament every Christmas to hang on our tree When I moved out of the house at age 22, my mother gave me all of my ornaments that she had collected for me to put on my own tree. Every year, I continue the tradition by purchasing my own ornament to put on my own Christmas tree. I try to purchase ornaments that have meaning to me or that are a reminder of something special that has happened for me that year. Like I said above, the ornament captures the best of my vacation and will serve as a great memory for me for this year. 12 years later, I am still collecting ornaments and will soon need 2 Christmas trees for all my ornaments 
As for the turtle salt & pepper shakers, they were too cute to pass up & fit great in our Hawaii sunroom that we have in our house
Lastly, I was very surprised how quickly I received the items as you ship things out extremely quickly as I greatly appreciate it.
Thank you for making such beautiful ornaments as it will forever serve as a great memory.”

– Kendra F.

“I was in Maui for seven days last month for my son’s wedding. My family and friends were there with me and it was such a beautiful vacation, and these ornaments will always bring back that magical feeling each year.”
– Patricia P.

“I got this for my daughter who took me to Hawaii last month. She says to this day she misses Hawaii. This will remind her of our great time.”
– Carol M.

“I am giving them to my grandchildren, who visited Maui this past summer, and I’m sure they will be thrilled.”
– Ilene

“My wife loves it! I got it to remember our trip to the Big Island this past July. We had a great time and want to return to visit the other islands.”
– James G. (Item # CS Classic Hawaiian Sunset Ornament)

“We purchased it as a gift for my daughter and her boyfriend who have made two trips to Hawaii in the past three years. I would love to return one day to visit. I had about 12 hours to catch as much as possible on my way to Vietnam in 1968.”
– Clay G. (Item # TL Turtle Lagoon )

“It was gift for my husband since we forgot to get an ornament while on our honeymoon and he was blown away by the detail of the ornament.”
– Marisa P.

“I have always bought my children a special ornament each Christmas. We visited Hawaii (Oahu) for the first time this past October. My daughter and I both loved all the amazing flowers! She especially liked the plumeria and bought a plumeria stalk to try and grow at home. We’re not sure if its going to make it but its why I chose the ornament with the plumeria flowers. She loves it and it will be part of her special ornament collection for years to come. Thanks for creating such a lovely ornament!”
– Sarah N.

“We were in Maui last January, and purchased one of your ornaments. A Christmas ornament is our one souvenir that we traditionally purchase when we travel. We were so excited to hang it on our Christmas tree this year, and then my son was so upset when he accidentally dropped it and it shattered while we were decorating. I decided to surprise him with a replacement, so that he would not feel so badly about it. It was so nice when it arrived. It brought back wonderful memories of our trip all over again.”
– Cari