Q: Do you offer souvenir ornaments for places outside Hawaii?

A:  yes we do – or rather, our sister company Patch of Shade, Inc does!  Patch of Shade offers beautiful souvenir ornaments that are hand painted from the inside just like the Maui by Design Hawaiian Christmas ornaments.

You can find the San Francisco ornaments here

And the New York ornaments here

Q:  How much does it cost to ship an ornament?

A:  The cost of shipping will depend on the total amount of your purchase.  For purchases with a ship-to address in the US, the shipping charge is $8.25 for orders up to $39.99, for orders $40 and beyond, shipping will be free of charge.  Once you have chosen the items that you like, after filling out the necessary information, our website will automatically calculate the shipping charges for your confirmation.

Q:  What is the transit time after I have purchased the items?

A:  The package will take approximately 6 working days to reach you from Hawaii.

Q:  I love Maui (or Kauai, or Oahu, or the Big Island) the most.  Can I order a Hawaiian ornament that is a keepsake for "my" favorite island? 

A:  All of our Hawaiian Christmas ornaments display words.  A few display only the text "Aloha" and some have "Mele Kalikimaka" written inside the painting.  All the rest include the words “Aloha Maui” or “Aloha Hawaii” on them.


 Q:  Will you customize my Hawaiian Christmas ornament?  I want to add a text or date on the ornament.

A:  We are unable to offer a customized ornament.  However, because our ornaments are made of glass, with the painting on the inside, it is possible to write on the outside of the glass.  (This is only recommended for somebody with nice hand writing.)  You can use a permanent marker pen that will stick to glass to write the text that you want to see on your ornament.  We have found the Sakura brand pens (1 mm point) and DecoColor brand pens (fine point, or extra fine point) typically found at craft stores work well.

Q:  Do you offer customized ornaments for corporate events, specific destination, large wedding parties etc?

A:  Yes we do.   Depending on the type of customization required, lead times and minimum order quantities vary.  Please contact us at sales@mauibydesign.com for more information for your specific need.

Q:  I would like to place a bulk order for my wedding (or any special event), can I get a discount? 

A:  Yes, we can give you a discount depending on the quantity that you are purchasing.  Please email us at sales@mauibydesign.com for your order so we can tell you the discount and discount code.

Q:  Are the ornaments painted in Hawaii?

 A:  We would very much like to have any of our ornaments painted in Hawaii.  However, the art of painting inside the glass ball is a very specialized skill that is not taught in Hawaii. Our artists trained for years, and under the supervision of a master artist who studied at the art academy directly with the grand master of the art of inside painting. We do, of course, design and create the original artwork that is the basis for each ornament in Maui.

You can see more information on the process of painting the ornaments here:

About our Art

Q:  Do you have any after Christmas sales on your Hawaiian Christmas ornaments?

A:  We do not hold after Christmas sales but may occasionally make a special offer to anyone who has joined our mailing list.  You can join our mailing list here

Q:  Where can I buy your products in Hawaii?

A:  Many stores across all Hawaiian islands sell Maui by Design products.  Please use the contact form (link to the form) to tell us the island, and are on the island, where you wish to shop, and the product line you are interested in.  We will send you a list of stores that will be convenient to your location.