We’re getting into the 21st century

We’re getting into the 21st century

We’re a small company – and sometimes, when I see definitions of “small company” I realize we are a really tiny company – but we’ve decided to get into the 2st century.

No, we won’t let robots paint our Hawaiian Christmas ornaments, use drones to fly orders to customers, or 3-D printing to make the decorative yet protective gift boxes that contain the ornaments.

But after creating pages on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mauibydesign, and boards on Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/mauibydesign our next venture will be an opt-in email newsletter with news and special offers.

Andrea, the owner of Maui by Design, will write it (I am also writing the blog, and feel as odd writing “I” as I feel it writing “Andrea”.  Mmh… something new to learn and sort out, now that I am in the 21st century.)

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