Tropical flowers most popular Hawaiian ornaments category in 2013 to date

Maui by Design offers over 50 Hawaiian Christmas ornaments – 56 at this time, to be exact.

They come in different themes such as the tropical marine life, Hawaii’s flowers, Hawaiiana designs, and of course the beautiful sunsets.  It’s always fascinating to see which categories of ornaments are the most popular.  For years, the most popular Hawaii ornaments category was Hawaii’s marine life.  Especially Hawaiian sea turtle ornaments like this one were perennial best-sellers.

This year floral designs have drawn even, in fact they are a tiny bit ahead of the Hawaiian ornaments that center around marine life.  A big part of the floral Hawaiian ornaments’ success is that they are sold in the gift shops of many of Hawaii’s best botanical gardens.

Another explanation for the surge is that each of the past 3 years we have added some really spectacular Hawaiian flower ornaments to our collection.  Of course this year is no different.  Check out our three newest floral designs:

Of course, Hawaii can turn anyone into a lover of its tropical vegetation.  I know one person who came to Maui barely able to recognize a daisy on the mainland.  Now she not only notices our beautiful flowers, she can name many. Our Floral Christmas Cornucopia Hawaii ornament which brims with Anthurium, Torch Ginger and red Ginger flowers in the perfect Christmas colors was inspired by her.

But though they are stunning, the appeal of Heliconia, Anthurium, Bird of Paradise, and Ginger pale in comparison to how much our customers love our Hawaiian Hibiscus ornaments, orchids ornaments, and plumeria ornaments.  (Did you know that plumeria are known as Frangipani in most places outside Hawaii?)

We now have three ornaments dedicated to Hibiscus imagery, two featuring orchids, and four sparkling with white or pink plumeria.  Plus, the new Pink Hibiscus and Plumeria Hawaiian ornament combines these two favorites in an especially delicate new design.

All our new designs are now in stock.  I am curious to see which will rise to the top for our customers.

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