The romance of Hawaiian sunsets

The Hawaiian islands are blessed with sunsets that are spectacular on a nearly daily basis.  For locals, it's easy to take them for granted.  For visitors to the islands, however, they make for great memories. We've incorporated Hawaiian sunsets into some of our most romantic ornaments.  And to make it easier for visitors to our website, we've grouped them into their own category page called Hawaiian Sunset and Romance Christmas ornaments (original, huh?  I'll admit it. We're better at the visual arts than writing snappy text.) Are you looking to give the ornament as a gift and find that the sheer number of Hawaiian Sunsets ornaments on that page seems overwhelming?  Here are some recommendation from us, to help narrow your choices: One of our top sellers is called Palm Sunset Hawaiian ornament. It shows a beautiful and tranquil scene - a sail boat gently swaying in the breeze, a dolphin playing in ocean, palm trees, the red sunset sky... The ornament called Sunset Hula Hawaiian ornament is another favorite. It shows graceful Hula girls dancing at the beach at sunset, with a whale breaching in the background, and a canoe gliding across the horizon. If you want your gift to have a funny touch, then chose the ornament called Santa at the Beach Hawaiian ornament.  It shows a happy Santa sitting at the beach in Hawaii, surf board at his feet, glass in hand, lei around the neck, enjoying his vacation.  Only the beard and Santa hat - and portly figure - give away that Santa is taking some time off.  Let's hope that the Elves get their time in Hawaii sometime, too! The ornament called Magical Sunset Hawaiian ornament shows the magical time of sunset both above and below the water.  Sea Turtles, dolphins, a whale, and and lots of tropical fish are enjoying the time of day when the water starts to darken. Above water, there is a beautiful sunset sky between images of palms and the lush vegetation of islands on the horizon.
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