New Hawaiian Christmas ornaments arrived: Three Floral Ornaments

We are pleased to announce nine beautiful new Hawaiian Christmas ornaments just in time for the 2012 Holidays.

Three of the new ornaments are flower designs. We are especially proud of the new Plumeria ornament – the artists have done an especially beautiful job painting detailed Plumeria flowers against a stunning Hawaiian sunset background.

We’re also thrilled about a new designs that combines all the many exquisite Hawaiian tropical plants that come in Christmas colors – Anthurium, Ginger, and Heliconia – and combine them the lush green foliage against a light colored background.  The result is an elegant flower ornament in perfect Christmas colors.

Rounding out the new collection is a unique Bird of Paradise design.  The artists chose to show “the birds” against a cheerful yellow and green gradated background.  The result is a more modern, cutting edge look, that will appeal to anyone who wants to complement a modern interior design with an ornament that’s a reminder of a beautiful Hawaiian vacation during the holidays.

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