Hawaii Ornament Especially for Families

Of course we all knew that Hawaii is a great destination for families.  But somehow it never clicked that we should design an ornament specifically for families, to commemorate their family vacation together. Then customers started telling us the stories behind their purchases. That a family patriarch took several generations of the family to a vacation - and everyone in the extended family remembers the trip when they each hang the same Hawaiian ornament from Maui by Design on their Christmas trees. Or how precious the memories of their vacation together is for busy families who never seem to find enough time with each other during the year. So we are especially pleased this year to unveil one of our newest ornaments, titled Hawaiian Family Vacation.  We've designed it around the concept of families - a family of 4 sea turtles enjoying their time together, a family of 3 dolphins playing in the waves, a single parent whale having fun with baby whale, and family groups of tropical fish.  All of this tropical marine life togetherness takes place under one of Hawaii's beautiful sunsets. If you want to commemorate a special family vacation, then the Hawaiian Family Vacation ornament may be perfect for you.
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