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Hawaiian Quilt Christmas Ornament


The traditional Hawaiian shapes used in Hawaiian quilts and tapa art are hand painted from the inside of the glass in Christmas green and red colors.

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Product Description

Have yourself a merry little Hawaiian Christmas when you include the green and red hand painted Hawaiian Quilt Christmas ornament among your Christmas decoration.

Among the many Hawaiian ornaments from Maui by Design, the Hawaiian Quilt Christmas ornament is probably one of the most traditional in design – the perfect Hawaiian gift for those who have experienced the beauty and culture of the Aloha state – you could say it’s Hawaii at one glance.

We combined the traditional colors of Christmas with the traditional images used in Hawaiian quilts and Hawaii’s ancient tapa art to make a Hawaiian Christmas ornament that is very special.

Among the many detailed images in tapa and tribal tattoo art and Hawaiian quilt patterns on this Aloha ornament, you’ll find Hawaii’s state fish, the Humuhumu, the Plumeria flower (also known as Frangipani outside Hawaii) which is one of Hawaii’s most beloved flower, the red Ohi’a blossom, the gecko – often considered a symbol of luck since ancient Polynesian times, and the coconut tree.

Our collectible glass Hawaiian Christmas ornaments are painstakingly hand painted from the inside of the glass ball. The ornament is 3.2 inches in diameter and comes with a protective and decorative gift box that makes it an ideal Hawaii gift and keepsake for anyone who loves Hawaii.

Curious how our collectible glass Hawaiian ornaments are painted from the inside? Check it out here.

If you can’t be in Hawaii for Christmas, at least you can have a Hawaiian Christmas with the hand painted Hawaiian Quilt Christmas ornament from Maui by Design, the Hawaii store online for when you are not in the islands.

1 review for Hawaiian Quilt Christmas Ornament

  • BEAUTIFUL hand painted ornament that commemorates our vacation on Maui…muted and complementary hue colors make for a bulb that creates a remembrance of the calm and peaceful beauty of Maui. The gift box is beautiful as well.

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