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Hawaiian Christmas Ornaments

Our collectible Hawaiian Christmas ornaments are hand painted from the inside of the glass ball. Every one is an original work of art - no two are alike.
A decorative and protective gift box come with each ornament. It is an ideal Hawaiian gift and keepsake for anyone who loves Hawaii.

Hawaiian Christmas ornaments are on the top of the list of favorite souvenirs of many travelers to the Hawaiian islands. We offer so many different Hawaiian ornaments so that you can find images that represent your special vacation moments.

Marine life Hawaiian Christmas ornaments:

Many of our Hawaiian ornaments feature the beloved Green Sea Turtles, tropical fish, whales and dolphins that enchant visitors to Hawaii. Favorite Sea Turtle ornaments are: Sea Turtles Hawaii ornament, and the romantic Kissing Turtles Hawaiian Christmas ornament.

Marine life ornaments are especially popular with men, children and teenagers who enjoyed their time in the ocean.

Tropical flower Hawaiian Christmas ornaments:

The most popular ornaments show Hibiscus (Hawaiian Hibiscus ornamentRadiant Hibiscus ornament) and Plumeria (Morning Glory Hawaii Christmas ornament). This Hawaiian Christmas ornament has both: Pink Hibiscus and Plumeria ornament.  Of course you can also choose other uniquely Hawaiian flower images- check them out!

Flower ornaments tend to be a favorite with women.  Hawaii’s tropical flowers are so beautiful, so colorful – they make a wonderful inspiration for our hand painted art!

Uniquely Hawaiian images:

some of our most popular Hawaii ornaments show graceful Hula Girls: Hula dancers at sunset ornament, and Hula dancers in silhouette.  Did you know that surfing originated in Hawaii?  That’s why we’ve placed our Surfing Hawaii ornament into the uniquely Hawaiian category. (Yes we know – there is great surfing in many other spots in the world.)

Visitors to Oahu, Honolulu and Waikiki like these special reminders of their trip:  a Hawaiian Christmas ornament that shows key scenes from Waikiki and Honolulu.  (We’ve nicknamed it the “Hawaii 5-0” ornament, because it includes a great view of the King Kamehameha statue that is shown so often in the TV show) If you’ve visited Pearl Harbor, you were surely moved.  Our Pearl Harbor ornament is in the shape of a heart, is a fitting keepsake of your experience.

Hawaii Sunset Christmas ornaments:

We’ve captured the stunning Hawaiian sunsets on hand painted ornaments!   They span all our themes including: Hula dancers against the backdrop of a Hawaiian sunset, romantic ornaments – what’s more romantic than a Hawaiian sunset? – as well as marine life frolicking in the setting sun.  One of the most popular is the Palm Sunset Hawaiian ornament.

Romantic Hawaiian Christmas ornamentsWe offer romantic Hawaiian ornaments that celebrate a wedding or a romantic vacation.  Our romantic Hawaiian ornaments are great keepsakes for couples, like this one.  Got married in Hawaii? Commemorate your wedding with the "Just Married" ornament.